Songs From A Gilded Cage

Status: Currently Raising Finance

She’s a pop star on the rise, the toast of London’s music scene, gathering legions of fans worldwide. From the outside looking in, Brandy has it all. But underneath the veneer the cracks are beginning to show and someone has noticed, someone who is watching and waiting for her to fall…

Songs From A Gilded Cage is a drama set in the London music scene that follows a pop singer at the top of her game as she embarks on a very public descent into drug and alcohol abuse. When she disappears on the same night as a tragic accident the police and media assume she’s on the run, and a worldwide search begins for one of the most famous faces on the planet.

But Brandy’s been kidnapped, and she’s being held captive in a basement in Brixton. The reason there have been no ransom demands is because her kidnapper isn’t interested in Brandy’s fame or fortune. For his own personal reasons, he’s only interested in saving her from herself.

Only one brilliant female Detective suspects the truth, but as DS Chalmers slowly gathers evidence and closes in on the kidnapper’s lair, Brandy starts to clean up and develop a bond with her kidnapper. As they become closer and he reveals more about his motives, Brandy realizes that it’s her kidnapper who might actually need saving.

Songs From A Gilded Cage is a film that celebrates the power of love and music. It shows an artist taking a strange, enforced route from being a victim of her success to the hero of her own story.