The Bicycle Thief

Riding through a children’s wonderland of ice cream parlours and amusement parks, a Little Girl’s innocent adventure is interrupted when her beloved bicycle is stolen. Forced to choose between giving it up, or giving chase, she sets off on a new and daring adventure in pursuit of the Big Man who has taken it.

The script for The Bicycle Thief was one of the winners of Directors UK’s Challenge ALEXA and accordance with the rules of the competition it had to be shot over 2 days in April 2018. The film is an affectionate modern homage to a cherished classic of world cinema made by a production team that was over 70% female. It had its World Premiere at the prestigious Mill Valley Film Festival near San Francisco in October 2018 as part of their Mind The Gap programme.

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Stewart Alexander
Kerry Skinner, Stewart Alexander
Jo Farrugia, Kerry Skinner and Stewart Alexander
Key Cast
Maisie Thorn, Richard Costello, Ollie Lang