British film is an exciting and tax-efficient investment opportunity. Our investors will be able to take advantage of the benefits associated with the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Perhaps the most exciting part of investing in a feature film is the opportunity to be part of the most celebrated and glamorous art form of our times, and experience the transformation from words on a page to moving pictures on the silver screen. We take our investors on that journey with regular updates throughout the process and can offer them the opportunity to visit the set during production, appear as extras in the film itself and attend wrap parties, screenings and premieres. The journey with our first film, Common People climaxed with our investors being invited to a screening of the film at BAFTA Piccadilly when it was in consideration for the 2015 British Academy Awards.

With our experience using the latest advances in production, marketing and distribution technology we can keep budgets at a reasonable level while producing high-quality, crowd-pleasing films that have the potential to become big breakout hits.

We are currently raising finance for two forthcoming feature films: Body Checks and Songs From A Gilded Cage. If you would be interested in finding out about investment opportunities in these projects please contact us for further details.